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By (Lane Coder)
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Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a clear surface. And, according to Richard Lunt of MSU’s College of Engineering, the key word is “transparent.”

[read more at MSU] [paper] [picture credit: Yimu Zhao]
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Covered-wagon camper allows the Ross family of insect collectors to explore remote regions. A Thai family comes to call as Mrs. Ross prepares lunch; their son Clark goes to check specimens in the trucks lab.

National Geographic - September, 1965
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A rainbow spans over a valley between the Hohes Goell and Schneibstein mountains near the Carl-von-Stahl-Haus Alpine Club hut in the Berchtesgaden, Bavaria
Unknown source
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“She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but some times she felt she was a little girl after all.”
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One that maintains a conversation record.YES
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its weird society sees people with tattoos and modifications as being unclean and poor when in reality its so expensive to get those things in the first place and the aftercare is strenuous and daily and in reality modified people are probably the most hygienic and well off people you’ll meet